Parador de Cardona or Castell de Cardona,
Cardona, Barcelona, Catalonia
"Jannah is worth it."
Discipline vs. Restriction Discipline: Discipline is doing things even when you don't want. Working out even though you want to stay on tumblr or when you just feel like watching tv. Not eating all 20 cookies after you've cooked them or 10 brownies at the party. Not having 10 glasses of a sugary drink, instead only having 1 or 2. Eating in moderation and exercising a good amount per week, but still giving yourself a little room for error. And definitely not going to the gym while you are sick!
Restriction: Not allowing certain foods or even food groups. Trying to make your calorie intake lower. Crash dieting and not allowing yourself to have even just 1 cookie. Restriction is depriving yourself and it is very unhealthy. Also, making yourself work out even when your sick or exercising for extremely long periods of time.

Anonymous: Do you know who that actor is with a cigarette in his mouth is? he's like in a cowboy movie i think and he has blue eyes i think he's some white spanish or Mexican guy

Um….I’m sorry I don’t know which actor. I tried scrolling through my posts to see if I spotted a white-blue eyed guy with a cigarette but no luck. I’ll keep looking though anon. Sorry for offering no help :(



A very close look at Anna Wintour’s impeccable snakeskin Calvin Klein ensemble 


“Es mejor morir de pie, que vivir toda una vida arrodillado.” - Emilianito Zapatita. (Desfile 20 de Noviembre 2012).
"Me enamoraste poco a poco, te quise a toneladas"

“They are Zapatistas, who knows who they are, but they are the army, supporters. They are indigenous, people from the jungle. Access was always complicated. This photo is also [by] Juan Popoca, and it’s so strong, the military presence… Imagine.” 1994. Read more:


Imagine if there was a lipstick that made your lips look like that. One swipe and you’re the queen of a galaxy! 👄🌠 Thanks for the inspo, missjazminad!

how the fuck?!

I thought this was going to be educational…. it was